Friday, September 06, 2013

Implementation of Cadre Restructuring

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A list of 3430 Superintendents of Central Excise has been issued by HRD vide F. No. 8 / B / 152 /HRD (HRM) /2013 (Part II) dispatched to all Cadre Controlling Chief Commissioners vide No. 2652 to 2667 Dt. 03.09.13 meant for keeping ready the ACR’s, vigilance clearance, integrity certificate etc. for the DPC in r/o the early implementation of cadre restructuring. The last name in the list is of Sh. Jugal Narayan Chakraborty of Kolkata.

The list is also available on the site of DG, HRD of the CBEC. Some names are missing in the list which will be included soon by issuance of additional list. Such officers need not be panic. 

All the units, office bearers and the members of the Cadre Restructuring Implementation Committee of Association are requested to pursue the matter with the respective CCA’s. The members of the Cadre Restructuring Implementation Committee are very specifically requested to coordinate & monitor the issue with the respective units & CCA’s of their zone. First three members of the committee alongwith the President & SG will coordinate & monitor the things with the central authorities.

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Reserved Man said...

Can any of my friends just tell me as to :-
1.What is the sanctioned strength of the Superintendent of Central Excise on All India level.
2. As on 01.09.2013, how many Officers are presently available in the All India Seniority List of Superintendents of Central Excise.(excluding the Superintendents who have retired, Expired, resigned, dismissed, promoted to the grade of Asst. Commissioner, etc)
3. Whether the Seniority list maintained by the CBEC grants seniority to an officer from the date of his/her "regular" appointment or Ad-hoc/officiation date of appointment in the grade of Superintendent.