Thursday, September 19, 2013

ELECTION OF OFFICE BEARERS- Circular issued by General Secretary AICEIA Rajasthan Circle

(Representing all Inspectors of Customs & Central Excise of Rajasthan)
F.NO.B.12017/l/2004-Ad.IV-A dated 31.12.2007 & 14.01.2008)
Dated: 17th September, 2013        
4th CIRCULAR - Election of Office Bearers
In continuation to earlier circulars dated 31.07.2013, 23.08.2013 & 11.09.2013 all Inspectors (legal members of AICEIA -Rajasthan Circle) working in Customs, Central Excise & Service Tax formations of Rajasthan are hereby informed that election of Divisional Representatives & Delegates has been completed.
Now, the election for following posts of the Office Bearers of AICEIA (Rajasthan Circle) will be conducted on 22.09.2013 (Sunday) by total elected 30 Delegates & Divisional Representatives (13 from Headquarters offices & 17 from Divisional offices):-
(1)  President                                  -             1 post
(2)  Vice-President                         -             1 post
(3)  General Secretary                    -             1 post
(4)  Assistant General Secretary     -        3 posts (one from each Commissionerate)
(5)  Joint Secretary                         -             1 post
(6)  Finance Secretary                     -             1 post
All the Inspectors (legal members of AICEIA-Rajasthan Circle), elected Divisional Representative/Delegates, who are willing to be elected on any of above post are hereby informed to obtain 'Application Form' from the Election Officer Shri K. M. Meena, Superintendent and submit complete form to him on or before 22.09.2013 (10.00 hrs).
The election will be conducted under the supervision of the Election Officer in presence Office Bearers of our All India Association in Hotel Gangaur, M.I. Road, Jaipur on 22.09.2013 (Sunday) at 10.00 am onwards. S/Shri A. Satish, President, Ajit Kumar K.G., Secretary General & S. K. Agnihotri, Liaison Secretary/ of our All India Association is reaching at Jaipur on 22.09.2012 morning. Therefore, all the Divisional Representative & Delegates are requested to ensure their presence well in time for the election at the venue & time mentioned above. The election programme for 22.09.2013 will be as under:-

1.   Welcome of Office Bearers of All India Association                    - 10.00 hrs
2.  Welcome of elected Divisional Representative & Delegates          - 10.15 hrs
3.   Election of Office Bearers of AICEIA (Rajasthan Circle)            - 10.30 hrs
4.  Declaration of Result by the Election Officer                               - 12.00 hrs
5.  Meeting with Office Bearers of All India Association                    - 12.15 hrs
6.   Vote of thanks  by present General Secretary                             - 13.15 hrs
7.      Lunch                                                                                  - 13.30 hrs

The Divisional Representatives posted in outer Divisions are requested to intimate their programme well in advance, so that necessary arrangements can be made accordingly. Please also feel free to contact with the undersigned or Shri Akshay Sharma (98291-17998) or Shri B L Meena (97846-57055), if you need any assistance/information in this regard.

 (Sudhir Tiwari) 
General Secretary, AICEIA (Rajasthan Circle) 
  Mobile No. 94142-12074)     

(Abhay Singh) 
Vice-President (NZ) AICEIA   
Mobile No. 94142-02902    
Copy for information to: -

1.  The Chief Commissioner, Central Excie (JZ), Jaipur
2.  The Commissioner of Central Excise, Jaipur-I / Jaipur-II/ Customs, Jaipur.
3.   Shri K. M. Meena, Election Officer (Superintendent), AICEIA (Rajasthan Circle).
4. The President /Secretary General of All India Association.
5. Delegates & Divisional Representatives of Hqrs offices & all Divisional offices.
6. NOTICE BOARD of Customs, CE & Service Tax Hqrs offices, NCRB, Jaipur.
General Secretary AICEIA
 (Rajasthan Circle)

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