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Cadre restructuring proposal of CBEC


We have received a hard copy of  restructuring proposal from DG HRD on 11.11.2010, a scanned copy of the same have been uploaded in our blogger account. All the associations have been requested by the board to submit their views  by 26.11.2010. Members may access/download the file by clicking the link below to submit their suggestions to the association ;-

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We are happy to announce that our demand for creation of two additional Central Excise Commissionerate's in the Zone, raised through our letter C.No. CCEEOA/JPR/Cadre/2007 dt.09.10.2007 (Subject-Cadre restructuring of the Department-Initiation of the process for reg)  submitted to the Commissioner (DOPM) with reference to DOPM’s Memorandun F.No.5/12/ B/O&PM/ 2006 dated 12.06.2007  (which were endorsed to our Association vide Cadre Control unit’s letter C.No. II-39(2) CCU/JPR/2007/4260 dated 13.09.2007) have been included in the final report, however, our demand for a Customs (General) Commissionerate have not been accepted by the HRD.

What is for Rajasthan- In the CBEC final report, It has been proposed that the existing two(2) Central Excise Commissionerate under Jaipur Zone may be reorganized into four (4) CE Commissionerate.  It has also been proposed that each of the Central excise & Service Tax Zone would have one Audit commissionerate.

Each Central Excise Commissionerate will have a 80 number of  Superintendent posts & 120 inspectors . Similarly in Audit Commissionerate  the proposed sanctioned strength is 80 Superintendent & 80 Inspectors. 

3596  new posts of AC/DC at all India level (AC/DC existing post 1550, proposed AC/DC post 4896 + 250 AC reserve)

Lekhraj Meena,
Vice President(NZ)AICEIA
Ex.President,Customs & Cx. Executive Officers Asso.,Rajasthan


           A forum for suggestions is also added to aiceia blog i.e.   , kindly give your suggestions before 20th of this month by cliking on reply section.


BL Meena said...

Present Office Bearers of Rajasthan should learn a lession of hard continuous & common interest work

BL Meena said...

Dear friends
I'm studying proposals and also watching both blogs to see the comments/points are to be raised by our elected team of Rajasthan.

Plz watch regularly to see what steps are taken by elected leaders (Ranbankury) of Rajasthan Association for its innocent members.

However their sincere efforts and historic results & achievements during the last one year are before us. Thus our interest are very-very safe & we have nothing to worry except to FEEL GOOD for new year.
With regards
B L Meena

BL Meena said...

Dear Comrades of Rajasthan
After analysis of the proposals of CR-2010 it has observed that:-
(i)If present proposals are accepted as it, total 11882 (7637+4245)posts will be available for promotion to the next grade among three cadres of Examiner, PO & CE Inspector. The maxmium posts will be filled up by Examiners, POs and CE Inspectors of Delhi, Maharasthra, Gujarat etc. It appears that Inspectors upto batch of 1993 will only be promoted in Rajasthan.

(ii)Maximum CE Inspector had already earned ACP/MACP therefore, the 96% financial implication will apply in case of promotion of Examiners.

(iii)If the present proposal are accepted as it, resional disparity will also increase in CE Inspectors and in Delhi Commissionerates Inspectors will request to the CBEC for relaxation in qualifying service of 8 yrs becoz Inspectors with qualifying service will not be available to fill up the post of Superintendent. Whereas in the other Zones/States Inspectors of 15yrs will have no option except to wait for promotion upto the Cadre Review-2020.
No effort/proposal (except sympathy)seen to remove regional disparity in promotion of CE Inspectors and even recommendations of the High Powered Committee have not been considered in proposals.

(iv)The present proposals will further increase anomolies in promotion of Customs V/s. CE cadres becoz CE Inspr of 1982 (now Supdt)will have to salute Examiner of 2000 batch. What a pity condition of CE Inspectors ?
The almighty can only save us from the blind, deaf & selfish IRS Administrators.

(v) The representative of AICEIA Rajasthan Circle remained lazy that is why the HRD has ignored bifurcation of Jodhpur Customs (P) Commissionerate. The bifurcation of Amritsar Cus (P) Comm'te is a good example and the rpresentative of AICEIA Chandigarh Circle are really deserves for congratulations for their activeness. If sincere efforts were made, one ST Comm'te will also be proposed in Rajasthan looking growth of ST sector.

1.The remedy to remove the growing disparity in promotion among cadres of Examiner, PO & CE Inspector lies only in making the date of joining in feeder cadre as criteria for promotion to the next grade. This only can meet the ends of justice and help to remove the disparity once for all.

2.For implementation of the above suggestion, Inter Zone transfer policy can be made on promotion to the grde of Superintendent in adjoining Zones with provision to return in the parental Zone on
FIFO method.

3.Sincere & continuous efforts should be made considering the following facts/grounds for creation an integrated Customs Commissionerate at Jaipur:-
(due to space problem plz see remaining material in my next comments)

B.L. Meena, Inspr,Jaipur

BL Meena said...

contd...from my last page.

The HRD has proposed re-organization of Delhi Customs (P) Zone by bifurcating Amritsar Customs (P) Commissionerate to create a Customs Commissionerate at Ludhiana on the ground that apart from attending to the Customs Preventive functions, Amritsar Commissionerate also handle assessment functions as well as clearance of passenger at railhead of Attari.

It is a good proposal in light of strengthening of the Human Resources of the department in order to handle the workload increase as well as challenge to use IT, but the HRD has ignored situation of Jodhpur Customs (P) Commissionerate on the similar line of action.

Grounds for bifurcation of Jodhpur Customs (P) Commissionerate and to create an integrated Customs Commissionerate at Jaipur:-

1.The state of Rajasthan having the largest typical area of 3,42,239 square km in India alongwith vast & highly vulnerable Indo-Pak Border of 1077 km. therefore, Jodhpur Customs (P) Commissionerate was created under Delhi Customs (P) Zone.

2.Jodhpur Customs (P) Commissionerate was initially created for preventive functions, but the workload of this Commissionerate has significantly increased and the same is being handled by workforce on the basis of old sanctioned strength.

3.Apart from attending to the Customs Preventive functions, present Jodhpur Customs (P) Commissionerate also handling work of examination & assessment of 9 ICDs, 1 Air Cargo, 1 Foreign Post Office and, 1 Jems & Jewelry Exchange as well as clearance of passenger at railhead of Munnabao (Barmer) and at International Airport, Jaipur.

4.It is also pertinent to mention here that additional workforce was not sanctioned at the time of opening International Airport, Jaipur and Land Customs Station, Munnabao (Barmer).

5.Jodhpur Customd (P) Commissionerate has collected Customs duty amounting to Rs. 116.41 Crores, handled 79379 (65847+13532) S/Bs & B/Es, cleared incoming & outgoing 37,666(19734+17932) passengers at Land Customs Station, Munnabao (Barmer) and 2,50,400(128648+124752) passengers at International Airport, Jaipur during the year 2009-10.
Apart from the above executive workforce of Jodhpur Customs (P) Commissionerate has handled examination & assessment work of 12000 factory stuffed containers for export of the goods. Thus the workload is being increased day by day.

6.As admitted by the HRD in CR 2010 proposals that re-organisation of Customs (P) formation can not be done on the basis of quantifiable parameters and the same has to be done keeping in view the vulnerability of geographical regions over which the formation exercise jurisdiction. Further Customs (P) Commissionerate should be organized that their main focus remains customs preventive related functions.

In view of above there is an immediate requirement to bifurcate Jodhpur Customs (P) Commissionerate creatin an integrated Customs Commissionerate at Jaipur with jurisdiction over all revenue generating Customs formation of Rajasthan. This act of HRD will also fulfill the very main purpose of Jodhpur Customs (P) Commissionerate because presently most of the sanctioned workforce of this Commissionerate has been diluted in revenue collection related functions.

With regards & fond hope for immediate action in the matter.

B.L. Meena
Inspector, Jaipur

BL Meena said...

Dear Comrades of Rajasthan
Plz refer to my earlier mails/comments & suggestions. I have received good & positive response specifically from Mr. Roy, SG of AICEIA and GS of Hyderabad Circle (copies reproduced below).

You are therefore, requested that proposal for creation an integrated Customs Commissionerate at Jaipur by bifurcation of Jodhpur Customs (P) Commissionerate may be got forwarded the proposal to HRD through the Commr of Customs, Jaipur & CC of Customs (P) Zone, New Delhi. It will help in reducing the stagnation in Rajasthan.

Plz also make continuous pressure on All India Association to include the said proposal while forwarding suggestions/proposals to the CBEC/HRD. It is a proper time for do-or-die efforts to achieve the goal/justice for innocent members of Rajasthan Association.

With regards & fond hope for an early action in the matter
BL Meena, Inspector

P.Vigneshwar Raju General Secretary said...
I fully agree with Com.B.L.Meena. Really you have taken lot of pain to collect the data and project your problem. The proposal made by you in regard to removal of stagnation is welcome. Once the promotions are issued on the basis of length of service, the regional imbalances can be removed by adjusting the posts with adjoining Zones and can be brought back on the basis FIFO. This is a good proposal. If this is not done leave alone the Customs people, we may have to salute to our own juniors who will be posted as AC from the area of quick promotions like Delhi. I request the AICEIA leaders to look into the proposals made by Com. B.L.Meena above.

18 November 2010 9:55 AM
Comments & Suggestions on proposals of Cadre Restructuring -2010
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Dear Comrade

Thank you for your exclusive proposal and findings,