Sunday, July 05, 2009

SC: Seniors can’t be paid less than juniors

Senior employees can’t get lower salaries than their juniors, be it due to pay anomaly or any other reason, the Supreme Court in their judgement dated 09.01.2009 has ruled while disposing of Appeal Civil 65 -67/2009 in r/o ER.GURCHARAN SINGH GREWAL & ANR v/s PUNJAB STATE ELECTRICITY BOARD & ORS,

The court rejected the PSEB counsel’s argument that Shori was getting more because he had got the promotional scale with effect from September 1, 2001 when the increments and the pay-scales were higher and when Grewal got the higher scale from January 1, 1996, such benefits were lower.

The apex court accepted the argument of the petitioners’ counsel that the prayer for higher pay was applicable to both petitioners and leaving out one of them for the benefit had defeated the very purpose of making Grewal petitioner No. 1.

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