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JCM dt.18.06.09_our grievances

English translation of the letter submitted by the Association on 17.06.2009 in the matter of proposed JCM dated 18-06-2009;-
C.No. CCEEOA /JPR / JCM/ 2009 / Dated- 17.06.2009

The Commissioner,
Central Excise Commissionerate,


Subject;- In the matter of proposed JCM dated 18.06.2009 reg.

Please refer to your office circular No. I(22)30/Admn./JPR-I/2009 dated 05-06-2009 asking this Association to submit the agenda for the JCM meeting.

As per the discussions held with office bearers of this association, the following points are being brought to the notice of your goodself and no agenda is being submitted for consideration of the JCM in its meeting proposed to be held on 18.06.09.

It is submitted that in the meeting of the JCM held on 27.08.08, it was brought to notice that the issues raised in the JCM were being taken otherwise and action was not being taken according to the basic concept of JCM and it was respectfully submitted that it is the prime responsibility of the Association to bring to the notice of the administration the demands/ problems of the members for appropriate solution and this should not be taken otherwise. No agenda was submitted in that meeting as a matter of showing our disagreement. However, no favourable action appears to have been taken on the said issue as per the minutes of the JCM (Para-1 of the JCM).

In the JCM meeting dated 25.11.2008 the discussion regarding general welfare of the members was taken otherwise and the administration had expressed strong displeasure in the matter. It is also worthwhile to mention that replies of the administration regarding the issues raised by the Association are being given without proper verification of the facts as discussed below:-

1. In the minutes issued on 18.12.08 in respect of the JCM meeting dated 25.11.08 it was informed by the administration that no DPC had been held in any Zone and that it would be held simultaneously in all zones but this was not the correct position.

2. As per the minutes circulated on 03.04.09 regarding the JCM meeting dated 23.03.09, the matter of family pension, GPF, leave encashment, gratuity and insurance of late Shri Ashok Kumar Gahalawat had been forwarded to PAO but it was not the correct position as the bills of GPF and insurance had not been prepared till then.

3. In the meeting dated 23.03.09 it was ordered that payment of bills of children education allowance shall be made immediately. In the minutes circulated on 03.04.09, it was informed that no bill is pending in CE, Jaipur-I and in CE, Jaipur-II , payment of CEA has already been made in the March itself . However, this was not the factual position as payments were made in many cases in April and May 2009 and no payment has been made in Service Tax Division, Jaipur till date.

4. Some other matters of parking, proper placement of staff, deputation and CGEGIS insurance cover etc. have also been similarly treated and decided accordingly.

Some other issues regarding violation of the CVC guidelines and transfer policy in the local rotations and border posting of officers in AGT 2009 have also been brought to the notice of this Association.

It appears that the above issues and matters related to AGT 2009 are going to be discussed in the next meeting of the JCM. Hence, in order to ensure that such a discussion may not lead to the administration showing displeasure against the office bearers of the Association, it has been decided as a result of discussion that the Association should not participate in the next meeting of the JCM to show our disagreement. It is also requested that the above issues may be included in the proceedings of the meeting of the JCM.
Yours faithfully,

Copy for information & necessary action to;-
1. The Member, (P&V) CBEC, North Block New Delhi.
2. Chief Commissioner (Cadre Control), Central Excise, Jaipur Zone, Jaipur.
3. Secretary General, All India Central Excise Inspectors, Association, Hqrs at Kolkatta.
4. The Under Secretary, (Ad.IVA) R.No.623, 6th Floor, HUDCO Vaishla Building, Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi-110 066.
5. Office Bearers, AICEIA Rajasthan Circle.
6. D.R., AICEIA Rajasthan circle, Customs/Central Excise Division all.
7. Associations Notice Board.

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Anonymous said...

Non of staff Association attended the meeting dt.18.06.2009.Hence no JCM have been concluded on that day.