Friday, August 28, 2009

Mail from SG


A meeting was convened by JS(P) at the Fresco Hall of Expenditure at 16.30 hours on 24th of August 2009 to resolve the anomaly in the grade pay Inspectors under the department of Revenue consequent to the merger of three pay scales. The meeting was attended by K.K.N.Kutty, Ashok Salunkhe and Rajagopal from ITEF and Arun Zachariah, Kousik Roy and I.B.Mishra from C.B.E.C.associations From the official side J.S.(P), Director Implementation cell, J.S.(Admn.) (C.B.D.T.) , D.S.AD-IIA (C.B.E.C.), Under Secretary AD-IIA (C.B.E.C.),Commissioner (H.R.D) were present in the meeting. The J.S.(P) informed that the meeting was convened as per the decision taken in the meeting chaired by the Revenue Secretary on 23rd July 2009.

The meeting analysed the cadre structure in CBEC & CBDT. While in CBEC, the STA is the sole feeder cadre for the post of Inspector, in CBDT STA as well as OS are the feeder cadres. The OS was in the pre-revised pay scale of Rs. 5500-9000. The staff side pointed out that the cadre of OS and STA in CBDT would have to be merged and the cadres of Inspector in both Boards have to be upgraded to the Grade Pay of Rs.4600/- The official side recognized that the STA cadre and Inspector cadre are functionally different and it is not possible to merge those cadres. However, the Dept. of Expenditure expressed their concern on account of the repercussions that could be created and asked for suggestion from the staff side on alternate remedies. The staff side stated that they do not think that alternate remedies are available.

Thereupon the Dept. Of Expenditure made the following suggestions as alternative remedies

1.All the Inspectors could be given 2, 3, 4 additional increments at a time
2.A better start in the pay Band
3.increase of grade pay for 80% inspectors
4.The rest will be paid 4200 and will be given a grade pay of 4600/- after 4 years
5.All the inspectors till date will be given 4600/- grade pay and the new entrants in the cadre of Inspector will be given 4200/-.

The staff side made it clear that these proposals would not solve the problems faced by the cadre and hence not acceptable to the staff.

The official side wound up the meeting by stating that they would report back to the Revenue Secretary and communicate to the staff later.

However our program will continue till 9th September, 2009 as scheduled earlier, tomorrow the president of the meeting that are to be held at different places will send telegram as appeared in our circular to Revenue Secretary and Chairman and we shall boycott our pay on 28th and on 31st of August.

Yours fraternally
Kousik Roy

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