Friday, October 09, 2009

updates of the meeting dated 07.10.2009

Dear friends,

The meeting convened by the Joint Secretary (Per), Dept. of Expenditure turned out to be a delaying tactic. The Expenditure intimated that they require more time to analyse the issue vis-a-vis the demands from other cadres and they wants to take a holistic view of the matter and after that it would be placed before the Finance Minister.

We pressed for fixing a time frame but the expenditure was non-committal. After this meeting, we had an informal meeting with ITEF and Customs Preventive Federation and decided to seek a joint meeting with the Revenue Secretary.

In the mean time we would start campaigning for strike and decide on it after the meeting with Revenue Secretary. Detailed circular follows.



Anonymous said...

This is quite disgusting and disappointing. Why can't they understand the feeling of a cadre that has been let down? Let us join our hands for a strike nation wide, without sparing any formations. In the mean time we can also approach the Hon'ble FM through Revenue Secretary, who atleast is not averse to us.

Anonymous said...

The issue at any cost need to be brought into the notice of the Hon'ble Finance who may give a patient hearing. If possible Telegam compain to Hon'ble Prime Ministers'Office need to be resorted into. This is an idiotic attitude of ridiculing and letting down of an entire elite Cadre by the Expenditure Department and the people playing behind is Secretariate Service

Anonymous said...

let us admit 2 things --
1. persons in cbec n ministry are shameless ppl who r blind to justice n logic.

2. v r impotent!

so there is no point in attending meetings with these persons !dey r gud for nothing!

2 persons were promoted on 1.10.09 as member cbec...! one was addll. commrr. in 1992 in rajasthan!
we were insp. den n v r still insp.!
its so frustrating! but dey r shameless n v r impotent


issues pending since last 23 years--
1. parity with insp of cbi not given since 1986 ! 2004 lolypop given ! no arrears ,no notional benefits!
2. no promotions to insp(ranging from 20-15 yrs. in diff. parts of india)
3.grade pay 5400/- not given unjustly to acp insp.!why-----
no answer as ias,irs,cbec ,dopt r not answerable to us !

4. in 5th pay commission employees with basic pay 8750 were elogible for type 4 accomodation ! ie. acp insp were eligible for type for !now as we r denied 5400/- grade pay we r being denied type 4 houses! all else are getting promotions and we r being downgraded!


every time one meeting or other is fixed with no results( or may be one result -STATUS QUO)
dey just keep on postponing things indefinitly!
we will continue to suffer till we,our office bearers ,association members are IMPOTENT! AND these modern day angrej are shameless,useless,partial!nothing happens in dis country till some indefinite strikes or extreme violent protests are made!
dont forget the brave inspector who laid his life fighting maoist in jharkand was not getting his salary since last 4 months ! wat a shame!