Friday, July 31, 2009


Mr. V Sridhar is new CBEC Chairman; Mr Y G Parande joins as third new Member of CBEC; Other two are Mr P N Vittal Dass and Mr S D Majumder

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Anonymous said...

welcum to naya chairman ji! now friends dats more than sufficient !WAT IS d latest position regarding-

1. promotions of stagnating and exploited inspectors?
2. wat about grade pay 5400/- to acp inspectors?wat is present position of case in cat in this matter?
3.inhuman working conditions?like dese modern day angrej occupy huge halls wid multiple air conditioners and height of discrimination is dat even toilets are marked for dem and inspectors ,superintendents are barred from using dese loo's even! wat ashame?pls. enquire from cpwd,about the prescribed norms in dis regard and matter be referred to ministry to take action against dese senior babus seeking private loo's.
4. we are made to sit in groups ,at times even widout sufficient chairs and tables what to say of lockers/almirah's for office records!
5. its time our agitation is mobilised better for our just demands and to stop this continous descrimination.
6.matter regarding extreme misuse of govt. vehicles and guest houses be taken up and trans. allowance of those using govt. vehicles be stopped immediately wid recivery from past wid interest!
in angrezo ke falto perks bund nahi honge tab tak we wont b getting justice!
jai bharat3!