Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cadre restructuring updates- e mail message from Shri Ravi Malik

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 29.11.2011, 8:25 PM

Dear friends, 
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1. A meeting was held today with the concerned JS (Sh. Rajeev Kapoor) of DOPT. He was pleased to say that they are going to take decision on cadre restructuring very soon. He was saying why the Expenditure has given its temporary approval for the promotional posts for lower officers. He was also apprised of the poor promotional avenues for Central Excise Executive Officers due to trifurcation of Inspector cadre forcing senior Excise officers to work under junior Examiners. 
He was pleased to inform that they have already noted this discrimination due to which senior officers joining as Inspectors of Central Excise are being headed by their common entry counterparts of the organistion. He told that they are searching for the way to done away this discrimination with CBEC and have a meeting with them within 10 days. He further told that the cadre restructuring is meant for group A officers only and this problem should be looked in by CBEC itself.

Let's see what happens.

2. The Board office was also visited particularly to see the position of promotions against existing vacancies. Very unfortunately, it was informed that only a few units have sent the requisite information. All the units, therefore, are again requested to pursue the local administration to expedite the requisite information immediately for timely happenings in the already delayed matter due to the objection of UPSC. 


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This message is also available at AICEIA blog.thanks kousik for posting the message of shri malik on AICEIA blog. be united