Sunday, November 27, 2011

Reminder dtd. 23.11.2011 to the worthy Chairman of CBEC on wearing of uniform with a request to create statutory provisions to wear the uniform from bottom to top level for the maintenance of its grace and respect.

(Recognised by G.O.I., Min. of Fin. vide letter F.No. B. 12017/10/2006-Ad.IV A Dt.21.01.08)
Ref. No. 209/11 Dt. 23.11.11                                          REMINDER

Sh. S. K. Goel,
Chairman, CBEC,
North Block, New Delhi.

Subject:- Wearing of uniform.


Kindly refer to the- 
i) CIC order F. No. CIC/AT/A/2009/000832 Dt. 29.01.10 in which the CBEC was the respondent.
ii) Ref. No. 126/10 Dt. 20.10.10, 102 /11 Dt. 06.07.11 etc. of the Association.

2. It is further submitted with due regards that the order of CIC says that there exist no statutory provisions in CBEC to wear the uniform and it is being worn only as convention. In the light of the order, it seems that the staff is forced to wear the uniform without any purpose only to please some of the authorities. In general, it serves the only purpose to please such authorities in various official or the most of the time unofficial protocols. This is also being used as the weapon of harassment in the field formation by the some of the authorities. 

3. The authorities in the field formations are pleased to issue the occasional orders in very non-ceremonial manner directing the staff to wear the uniform once or twice a week. It really seems the mockery of the uniform impressing that the authorities have no respect for the uniform bearing National symbol. There arises no question of wearing it once or twice a week or month but it should be worn with full grace and respect, if it is really required. At the most of the places, it is not required et al keeping in view the nature of the job being performed by our officers in the time of today. 

4. No doubt, there are some formations/occasions where the wearing of the uniform may be required. There is also no objection to wear it at the time of its actual requirement for the disposal of the official duties. But for that also, the due statutory provisions are required to be formulated. If such provisions are formulated, the required facilities should also be provided to maintain the grace and respect of the government uniform. The staff Associations should be consulted at the time of the formulation of such statutory provisions. It is also the demand of the time on account of the indifferent behavior of the field authorities treating it merely a matter of their pleasure. The pleasure mechanism only spoils the work atmosphere.

5. Very recently, the issue has been precipitated to its extreme by the field authorities in Karnataka despite of the issue being under examination in the Directorate of Inspection as referred by the Board against point No. 9 of the minutes (issued vide F. No. 11012/01/2011-Ad.IV Dt. 26.07.11 of CBEC) of the meeting held on 14.07.11 with the Association. If the problem is not tackled pragmatically with an open mind, the situation may be out of control in the form of the unwarranted confrontation due to the mass unrest. The authorities should concentrate on the work of the revenue collection, reduction of litigation, enhancing voluntary compliance, employee welfare, smoothening of the work atmosphere to keep the staff morale high instead of engaging them with such petty matters for the sake of individual pleasure or satisfaction of high ego.

6. In view of the above, it is requested that a serious look may kindly be given to the issue. No officer may kindly be harassed in the name of wearing of the uniform. The wearing of the uniform may be undone at the seats where it is not required et al and statutory provisions may kindly be created to wear the uniform from bottom to top level for the maintenance of its grace and respect. 

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Secretary General.

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