Tuesday, July 12, 2011

VISIT of our SG to New Delhi

Both my self and President held a meeting with Chairman, CBEC on 11-7-2011. Member (P&V) and Joint Secretary (Admin) and other officials of CBEC were present. Officebearers of Customs Preventive Officers Federation also attended the meeting. The meeting lasted about one hour. We forcefully presented our case for  revision of ratio, implementation of base cadre seniority, removal of acute intra-cadre/inter-cadre stagnation etc. with Chairman, who gave us a patient hearing and directed the concerned officials to speed-up the action in all these matters.

We also discussed with the Chairman the DPC issue in Bubaneshwar, formulation of Transfer policy in Gujarath and Mumbai and Chairman directed the concerned officials to take necessary action in these matters. Customs Federation also insisted on implementation of revision of ratio  before implementation of CR. Minutes of our meeting with Chairman will be issued by the Board and as soon as the minutes are issued, the same will be published in our Blog. Letters have also been submitted to the Chariman on these issues and the same will be published soon.

Today we met ADG(HRM)  and discussed about implementation of base cadre seniority and removal of stagnation in our cadre in various circles and to bring parity in promotional prospects all over the country. We have also met Superintendent Association in Delhi today and discussed all the issues CR, in-situe scheme etc. Confederation Meeting is going to be held in New Delhi on 22-7-2011. Vice-President and Joint Secretary, North will be attending the meeting. Certain decisions with regard to New Pension Scheme are likely to be taken in the Confederation Meeting.

CBEC is formulating a revised transfer policy for Group-B (Gazetted and Non-Gazetted) and has circulated the draft transfer policy. Draft transfer policy is published below. We will be staying in Delhi upto 15th inst. We request all of you  to go through the Draft Transfer Policy and to send your views and suggestions to my mail or in the  comments column of this post before 14th so that a consolidated report of our suggestions and comments can be submitted to the Board/ADG-HRM on this issue.

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