Tuesday, September 14, 2010

AICEIA Circular 05/2010

(formerly known as All India Federation of Central Excise Executive Officers’)
15/1 Strand Road, Custom House, M.S.Building, 7th floor, Kolkata-700001

CIRCULAR- 05/10 dated 10.09.2010

Dear Comrades,

We congratulate all our comrades, who took strenuous efforts in making the organizational action programme a grand success. We would like to request all the units to post the actual depiction of the action programmes so that an overall picture of the participation in various States could be ascertained, it is necessary that we should review our performance state and region-wise. Unless we identify our weak areas, it may not be possible for us to take any corrective steps so that we will be able to acquit ourselves creditably in future programmes.

In all likelihood, the Central Trade Unions will step up the resistance movement against the economic policies in the days to come as 7th September, has demonstrated unambiguously the growing discontent of the workers.

In the mean time Government of India was compelled to rectify child care leave Circular and made necessary changes which is welcomed by most of the Central Government employee’s oerganisation.

Despite our efforts taken right after Indore CEC meeting in consultation with the All India circles and branches, the campaign programme could not be mounted effectively. We are aware of the importance of the need and efficacy of the campaign programme, the absence of which must have affected adversely our participation in some places. This apart, it has also come to the fore that the Association must now without further loss time initiate some programmatic action in pursuance of the issues of the Inspector Central Excise as without JCM forum meetings with the Ministers and Authorities resulting the consultations/meetings into procrastinated dialogue without reaching any tangible settlement on any issue. The basic issues of anomalies are yet to be settled and there is no indication that it would be done in the near future.

Hence, all the Branch and Circle Secretaries are hereby requested to take concerted and farm effort to make the programme on 15th a grand success.

The interim order of Calcutta High Court issued on 27.08.2010 has now been published in our blog.

In terms of the interim order, the only condition precedent for issuing the regular promotion order is the issuance of order consequent to the review of DPC held on 09.09.2004 in Kolkata Commissionerate. We submit that the most important part is complete now and Kolkata CC issued the order in relation to the review D.P.C. on 10th instant as requested by the Association; we requested Chairman C.B.E.C to fix a date for all CC s to issue orders in the zones, rather than waiting for a compliance report from Calcutta to issue directions to other CCA s. and the date of effect of the promotion orders should at least be from 01.07.2010. Unfortunately, Board has not yet found any time to reply to our plea hence we are issuing another letter now and including this point as a fresh point in our charter of demand.

In the mean time Chairman expressed that CBEC is open for any dialogue and most of the issues which we have raised that are being taken care of. For the Dharna on 15th September all the office bearers of the Circles/ branches/ units should take casual leave , selected comrades who will accompany the leaders shall also take casual leave; there should be a gathering of at least 50/75 inspectors in any dharna location. Kindly give prior intimation to the head of the office.

We once again place our Charter of Demand:

1. Notional fixation of pay of Inspectors of Central Excise in the pre-revised scale of Rs. 6500-10500 with effect from 01.01.1996.

2. The ongoing cadre restructuring exercise to cater to the aspirations of Group B executive cadres and to be finalized after formal and recorded consultation with the Association. Restructuring should be completed within December 2010.

3. Inspectors next promotional grade pay should be Rs. 5400/- .

4. Abolish Control Room duty and Uniform in Central Excise and Service Tax.

5. Fixation of minimum pay corresponding to pre-revised scale of Rs. 7450-11500 consequent to up-gradation ordered on 13.11.2009.

6. Anomaly in pay of 1992 batch Inspectors who received ACP prior to 20.04.2004.

7. The 1% incentive on incremental revenue should be utilized for providing facilities and infrastructure for lower level staff also.

8. Lift the ban on ICT

9. J.C.M should be conducted in Board and at local level regularly at periodic intervals.

Now, we would like to include the issue of unique and effective date of D.P.C. through out India in the post Kolakata High court interim order scenario as our last point. An intimation through proper channel should be sent to Board by all the General Secretaries.

All the units are requested to make the programmes a grand success.

 Comradely Yours

To, The President,All office Bearers, Circle and Branch Secretaries for wide circulation

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