Thursday, June 24, 2010

Updating of BLOG


I have not only received telephonic massege and E-Mail from the members asking thereunder reasons of non updataion of blog or non publication of details of activities of circle association but also there are many comments on blog itself.

As you all are aware that this blog was created in the month of November,2008 as my capicity of General Seceretary of All India Central Excise Association,Rajasthan Circle and was running perfectally till 15.12.2009,when new team of well qualified and experienced Office Bearers asumed the office. An administrator password was created for the newely elected and well qualified General Secretary  a brifing that how he can update the blog or post any articals /news on blog for the members of association because principaly i have no right to address to local members on behalf of circle.

In fact, there  is no new news on the blog,there were some roumors that our new team is creating a seprate blog of website as they are not interested to continue the existing blog. However i have no intimation about creation of any blog or site by the circle.

I do agree with the views expressed by the members as they must have to informed about the activities of association.I request to circle office bearers that web address of the site of rajasthan circle may be posted on this blog for members, so that they can acess over that site to know about the activities of the circile association as i am considering to shut the door of this blog permamently/tempreraly till the tenure of present office as per members suggestions. 

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