Friday, November 20, 2009

Elections of AICEIA Rajasthan Circle

[Recognized by Ministry of Finance vide F.No.B.12017/1/2004-Ad.IV A dated 31.12.07 & 14.1.08]
C.No.CCEEOA/JPR/Election/2009/ Dated;- 20.11.2009(through E Mail)

Shri Kousik Roy,
The Secretary General,
AICEIA, kolkatta
Dear Comrade,

Please recall your visit to Jaipur on 10.11.2009 and the discussions held with various office bearers regarding various issues including that relating to election to the posts of office bearers of AICEA Rajasthan circle.

As you are aware the term of office bearers of the Rajasthan circle is over and election of the recognized AICEIA circle have already been declared. The Rajasthan circle is having strength of approx 500 inspectors (including newly allotted) whereas we are only having 35% DDOs in hand. The All India association is pressing hard to submit maximum numbers of DDOs as the same is required to be submitted to the government by 10th December, 2009 for renewal of recognition of the all India association. Many members of the Association are paying regular subscription at the revised rates from their salary since January 2009 yet there are members who are yet to submit their consent letter to the DDOs for starting deduction of subscription from their salary.

The association being a recognized body under the CCS (RSA) 1993 is bound by the Rules and the constitution. The elections to elect the office bearers of the Units, Branches and Circle office bearers have to be conducted as per the constitution amongst the members of the recognized AICEIA.

The progress made in the membership drive, deductions of contributions toward membership fee, DDO certificates and matter of preparation of electoral roll for due elections of the circle has already been discussed at length with the all India office bearers of the AICEIA, wherein it was advised that one more and the last opportunity may be given to the inspectors in Rajasthan Circle so that they can become members of the recognized association by giving their consent to deduct regular monthly subscription from their salary and have a right to cast their vote/contest the election.

In fact, the association had requested the members to submit their consent letters for subscription to the concerned DDOs from time to time. After starting the blog in the month of Oct., 2008, a form of consent letter was also posted on the blog on 13.11.2008 (see ). Further in the month of December 2008 a circular for revised subscription as per the decision taken in Vapi Convention was also issued by the undersigned. For the convenience of members, 407 consent letters by name were prepared by the undersigned in the month of Dec.2008 on the basis of disposition list and division/formation-wise letters of consent were handed over to offices bearers/ members along with duly signed forwarding letters meant for respective AO/DDO with request to get the consent letters collected from the members for deduction of subscription at revised rates w.e.f. January 2009. However, despite all these efforts there are members who are yet to submit their consent letter for deduction of the monthly subscription.

In view of the above position and in compliance of the procedure adopted in the election conducted in Chandigarh circle recently, it was decided to complete the membership drive and to call upon the Drawing and Disbursing Officers to make deductions and issue DDO certificates in respect of the remaining members.

However, after your visit to Jaipur on 10.11.2009 and the discussions you held with various office bearers/ members there appears to be a general perception amongst many of the members that deduction of membership fees from the monthly salary is not a pre-requisite for contesting the elections or casting the votes and accordingly, many members have even requested that their membership subscription may be discontinued forthwith as others have not started paying it.

It is, therefore, requested to kindly clarify as to whether members are required to submit their consent letters for deduction of the monthly subscription to the association from their salary in order to be able to contest elections and cast their votes. Since the process of elections is underway and we will have to take immediate steps to get the consent letters from members for deduction of their membership subscription and submit the same to the concerned AO/DDO for issuance of DDO certificate and preparation of a final list of members for the election, the clarification may please be issued immediately.

Comradely yours
(Lekhraj meena)
General Secretary,
AICEIA Rajasthan Circle

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