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Circular dt.24.11.2009

[A Circle of AICEIA recognized by Ministry of Finance vide F.No.B.12017/1/2004-Ad.IV A dated 31.12.07 & 14.1.08]
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DATED 24.11.2009
Dear Friends,

I am very happy to announce that due to diligent efforts of our Central Association (i.e. AICEIA Kolkata) the government has recently vide OM dt. 13.11.2009 issued orders of grant of grade pay of Rs. 4600/- to the inspectors of central excise who were earlier placed in the grade pay of Rs. 4200/- which is also available at our blog, we are persuading the administration to get the fixation orders revised and to pay arrears to the members immediately. I, in the capacity of General Secretary on the behalf of members of AICEIA Rajasthan congratulate Mr. Comrade Kousik Roy and his team for the work done in this regard. We are also requesting them to take up other matters of common interest i.e. fixation from 01.01.1996, grade pay of Rs.5400/- & stagnation issue.

2. The association being a recognized body under the CCS (RSA) Rules 1993 is bound by Rules and the constitution. The elections to elect the office bearers of the Units, Branches and Circle office bearers have to be conducted as per the constitution amongst the members of the recognized AICEIA. The recognition to our Central association was given by the government on provisional basis, subject to submission of required DDO certificates, which is required to be submitted to the government by 10th December, 2009.

3. The AICEIA Kolkata has been pressing hard to submit copies of DDO certificates and to transfer the due subscriptions to them because as a circle of recognised Association we are bound to comply with the legal requirement of DDO certificates. We had requested the members of AICEIA Rajasthan circle to submit their consent letters for subscription to the concerned DDOs from time to time. After starting the blog in the month of Oct., 2008, a form of consent letter was also posted on the blog on 13.11.2008 (see http://aiceiarajasthan.blogspot.com/2008/11/circular-dt121108-reg-ddo.html ). Further to get the authorisation at revised rates as per the decision taken in Vapi Convention, 407 consent letters by name were prepared by the undersigned in the month of Dec.2008 on the basis of disposition list and division/formation-wise letters of consent were handed over to offices bearers/ members along with duly signed forwarding letters meant for respective AO/DDO with request to get the consent letters collected from the members for deduction of subscription at revised rates w.e.f. January 2009. Accordingly, individuals office bearers/members i.e. the undersigned, Abhay Singh, Sudhir Tiwari, PD Beniwal, Arvind Sharma, Shailesh Sharma, PC Mahavar, VP Singh, RS Kataria etc. were assigned the task of obtaining Division/formation-wise letters of consent from the members for deduction and forwarding the same to respective AO/DDO as we were trying to get maximum number of membership forms before the announcement of election programme in the following manner;-

S.No. /Formation Name /Nos. /Handed over to whom /S/Shri Date of handed over Nos of authorisation submitted to AO/DDO by the officer concern /Result

1. Division-I, Jaipur 17 Lekhraj Meena 1/01/09 17 Deduction started w.e.f. Jan 2009
2. Division-II, Jaipur 12 Lekhraj Meena 1/01/09 12 --do--
3. Division Service Tax Jaipur 13 Lekhraj Meena 1/01/09 13 --do--
4. Division Bhiwadi 19 Lekhraj Meena/ Hemant Jain/BL Meena 1/01/09 19 --do--
5. Hqrs Jaipur-II 25 Lekhraj Meena/ Sumat Jain 1/01/09 22 --do--
6. Hqrs Jaipur-I 46 Lekhraj Meena/Rajesh Arora Senior/Sudhir Tiwari/PJ Mathew 1/01/09 30 --do--
7. Hqrs Customs Jaipur 75 PD Beniwal/ Abhay singh 1/01/09 31+10 --do--
8. Customs Barmer 19 Shailesh Sharma in Jan,09 13 No Deduction
9. Division Alwar 15 Abhay Singh 12.01.09 No information No deduction
10. Division Ajmer 14 Abhay Singh 12.01.09 --do-- --do--
11. Customs Bikaner 7 Abhay Singh 12.01.09 --do-- --do--
12. Division Jodhpur(Excise) 22 Abhay Singh (mailed to Arvind sharma on 15.03.09 12.01.09/15.03.09 --do-- --do--
13. Customs Jodhpur 34 --do-- 12.01.09/
15.03.09 --do-- --do--
14. Division Udaipur 26 VP Singh Through Sumat jain on 01.01.09 --do-- --do--
15. Customs Jaisalmer 8 PC Mahaver /Banwari Lal Through Shailesh in Jan 2009 --do-- --do--
16. Customs SGNR 4 RS Kataria Jan/Feb,09/Actual date not available --do-- --do--
17. Division Sikar 11 RS Kataria --do-- --do-- --do--
18. Division Kota 14 Kamal Chipa --do-- --do-- --do--
19. Division Bhilwara 14 Name N.A. --do-- --do-- --do--
20. Division Chittor 12 Name N.A. --do-- --do-- --do--
                                                         407       167

4. Whereas, significant numbers of membership forms have not been received from any divisions except for CE Jaipur-I, CE Jaipur-II, Service Tax, Jaipur and CE Bhiwadi which were the divisions assigned to me as general secretary. Besides this I have also collected the forms from members posted at Hqrs office of all the three commissionerates. Not a single membership form received by me has been left unattended rather subscription is being deducted in respect of all such members. However, no deduction from formations namely, Alwar, Ajmer, Bikaner, Jodhpur Customs and Jodhpur Excise in respect of which consent letters were given to the President has been received till date. We are not having any information regarding those letters having been handed over to the AO/DDO by the officers concerned. Other members/ office bearers whom the task was assigned in respect of other formations have also been regularly pursued to collect the membership forms from the allotted formations.

5. As you are aware the term of office bearers of the Rajasthan circle is over and election of the recognized AICEIA circle have already been declared. The Rajasthan circle is having strength of approx 500 inspectors (including newly allotted) whereas we are only having 35% DDOs in hand. The All India association is pressing hard to submit maximum numbers of DDOs as the same is required to be submitted to the government by 10th December, 2009 for renewal of recognition of the all India association. Many members of the Association are paying regular subscription at the revised rates from their salary since January 2009 yet there are members who are yet to submit their consent letters to the DDOs for starting deduction of subscription from their salary.

6. In view of the above situation the progress made in the membership drive, deductions of contributions toward membership fee, DDO certificates and matter of preparation of electoral roll for due elections of the circle were discussed at length with the all India office bearers of the AICEIA wherein it was advised that keeping in view the Chandigarh experience one more opportunity should be given to the remaining officers to fill up the membership forms and become members of the recognised association eligible to vote/ contest the elections.

7. Friends, due to illness of my wife it could not be possible for me to attend the meeting dt 10.11.2009 with the Secretary General otherwise the matter could have been discussed in the meeting itself. From the night of 09.11.2009 to 11.11.2009 my wife was under observation of doctor and I had to take leave of office and attend her in the hospital. As she was hospitalised due to dengue, platelets were very low and my presence with her was not only important but also essential. It was not possible for me to attend the meeting but in any case our president and other office bearers were available to host the meeting and the guest. All these things were in the notice of other office bearers who were present in the meeting. However, after visit of SG to Jaipur and the discussions held with various office bearers/ members there was a general perception amongst many of the members that deduction of membership fees from the monthly salary is not a pre-requisite for contesting the elections or casting the votes and accordingly, many members have even requested that their membership subscription may be discontinued forthwith as others have not started paying it.

8. Moreover, there were some requests stating that those who are contributing the monthly subscription to remain members of the association can not be equated with those who are not contributing the same. Therefore, in this background the matter was referred to SG AICEIA for decision, as the meeting dated 10.11.2009 did not have on its agenda this issue for discussion nor any decision was taken in this regard in that meeting.

9. The SG vide reply through mail received at 20:34 on 21-11-2009 has informed that “at this situation I am unable to give any clarification, the decision taken by the Circle and the election officer will be final” . It has been further stated that no amount has been paid to the central association on account of membership fee by Rajasthan circle committee and we agree that as per the AICEIA constitution 25% of the total collection from membership fees has to be contributed to the central association. From January 2009 to October 2009 we have collected an approximate sum of Rs. 50000 from members and accordingly, I am requesting the president (the cheque signing authority) to send a cheque of Rs. 15000 immediately to the central association.

10. In any case since we are committed to ensure that all the inspectors who are members of the AICEIA or who are willing to become members even now by filling up the membership form/ letter of authorisation exercise their voting rights as also keeping in view the provisions of the AICEIA constitution, practice followed in Chandigarh, Gujrat and other recognised circles and the legal position as contained in the CCS (RSA) Rules, 1993 we are requesting the election officer to extend the last date of filing nominations without disturbing the over all election schedule so as to enable all the officers to become members of the AICEIA and take part in the elections. DDO certificates in respect of the remaining officers will also be sent to AICEIA as soon as the same are collected. The members who have not yet filed their authorisation letters are requested to fill their forms by 30th November, 2009 and submit the same to the undersigned by 2nd December, 2009 so that after reconciling the same with exiting list of members the final list of members of AICEIA Rajasthan can be submitted to the Election officer before 5th December, 2009 to conduct election as per the constitution in a legal manner without debarring any one from their participation in Election 2009. All the office bearers, contesting members and members of task force are requested to assist in this common cause because as per the latest mail dt 23.11.09( Circular 10/2009, available at blog) of SG we have to send DDO certificates immediately otherwise we may loose our negotiation power.

11. Lastly, as per the second decision taken in the Vapi convention and chandigarh FEC AICEIA Rajasthan is committed to host the next CEC in Jaipur as per the schedule in view of the assurance given by the President & General secretary of the Circle with consent of the members and other office bearers but since in the meantime election schedule has been declared, it would be in the fitness of things that CEC is held immediately after the new team takes over tentatively in the first week of January but the exact date should be decided by the new team. The SG has also been informed accordingly.

The President,
All office Bearers,
Divisional/ Branch Representatives (All), For wide circulation

Comradely yours,
(Lekhraj Meena)


P.Vigneshwar Raju said...

Dear Comrades
I am very hapy to see that the Rajasthan Association is taking lot of intrest in the Association matters. All the upto date information is being posted on the blog. I request the Rajasthan Association to add the following hyderabad blog to the list of blogs on your site.

With best regards

VP(North),AICEIA said...

Thanks, comrade raju,

You are also doing well. http://hyderabadcustoms.blogspot.com have been included in the list of sites.

With regards

P.Vigneshwar Raju said...

Thank you Comrades for a quick response. I request all of you to support Hyderabad Inspectors in fighting against a split in AICEIA by our former President Sri. Koneru Prabhakar Rao.

With regards