Friday, July 10, 2009

Agitation Programme -

Federation Circular- 04/09

dt; 08.07.09


The CEC meeting of the All India Association held in Chandigarh from 3rd and 4th of July 2009. 17 circles and branches from all over the country attended the meeting and took part in deliberation.

The meeting was inaugurated by Chief Commissioner Sri D.S.Sra and presided over by our All India President Sri Arun Zachariah.P. the minutes of the 15th Convention held at Daman was read out by Com. Balraj and the house confirmed the same with some minor changes.

The Secretary General presented his action taken report to the house and the Treasurer Sri Suman Chakraborty also placed the statement of A/c before the house for deliberation. Besides this an opinion of the house was also sought for on the agenda of a one day token strike and a letter from the Secretary General. ITEF was circulated within the house on the above matter.

On 4th of July the proposal on restructuring was discussed at length and suggestion from different circles/ branches received, we shall finalise the proposal shortly and after submission of the same it will be circulated to every branch/ circle.

All the units took part in deliberation and the meeting decided that the Inspectors of Central Excise should commence an agitation on the following agenda:

1. The anomaly in the pay scale consequent to the merger of 3 pay scales by the CCS (RP) Rules, 2008 thereby placing the feeder cadre of Senior Tax Assistant and the promotional cadre of Inspector in the same grade pay.

2. The denial of notional fixation with effect from 01.01.1996 in the pre-revised scale of Rs. 6500-10500/-. The scale was granted on 21.04.04 in order to restore historical parity of pay scales with Inspectors of CBI & IB.

3. To review the clarification issued by DOE to CBEC denying the non-functional grade pay of Rs. 5400/- after 4 years of service in the grade pay of Rs. 4800/- to ACP recipient Inspectors.

4. Proper measures should be taken to remove acute stagnation of the cadre of Inspector of Central Excise and Inspector cadre organization should be included in the restructuring committee.

5. Inclusion of Inspector cadre organization in the Anomaly committee.

The agitation programme would be as appended below.

1. Lunch Hour Demonstration in front of Chief Commissioner’s/ Commissioner’s offices through out the country, that should start from 15th July and it will be observed on every Wednesday in every head quarters for one month.

2. 25th to 28th of August wearing of Black Badges and Lunch hour Dharna in front the above mentioned Offices.

3. Memorandum is to be submitted on 28th in front of All chief commissioners for onward transmission to the Ministry.

4. Sending of post cards to Cabinet Secretary and Finance Minister on 9th of September.

5. Lunch our demonstrations will continue on every week followed by massive poster campaign with the mention of a probable strike action.

6. Pay boycott on 30th of September..

7. Third week of October office bearers will discuss about the feasibility of a strike action in the month of November.

In the entire period of our agitation persuasion will continue.It was also decided that special initiative will be taken for Collection of D.D.O certificates within August 09 and Reorganisation of defunct circles and branches

The minutes of the meeting will be circulated shortly.

Comradely Yours

( Kousik Roy)

To The President &All Office Bearers of AICEIA (for wide circulation of inputs to the Members of all Circles/Branches)


Anonymous said...

congrats to our leaders for deciding to take some demonstrative action for our just rights and dues!its shameful for the cbec mandarins or shall i call madaris who r ignoring the inspector cadre most continuously - year after year-
1. no promotions(in rajasthan stagnating since 1990) grade pay of 5400/- to acp insp. even though it is clearly mentioned in acp orders that officers are placed in scale of appraisers and superintendents !sic ......
3.our ac's at the time of our joining are commissioners now ! wat crime we hav dun dat v r still stagnating in same post!
4.our batchmates in income tax r at least ac's
5. dear comrades n friends its high time cbec grants our long pending n very just demands which r in fact malafide follies of the board!
6. all d best ! lets do it ,plan,unite and do something solid!!!!!!!!!!

shri 3!!!

mk makker said...

Respected Kaushik Ji,
First of all i would like to congratulate you for initiating the time frame agitation programme to cater the most overlooked, neglected, ignored and underprivileged cadre of the Central Government System. I wish, by this agitation we will be able to fetch the attention of bureaucrates and politicians sitting in the north block. However if our agitation programme fails to awake them, i have another idea to shake the whole north block. The All India Central Excise Inspectors Association should issue a circular to all the inspectors that all of them will ask different questions from CBEC under RTI Act 2005, preferably for this a question week should be fixed. This incessant and intermittent rain of questions will force them to give attention to the most legitimate and rightfull demands. All of our inspectors are legally very strong and the Association shall exploit this potential of the cadre. I hope this move will swirl the north block and they will give ear to our genuine demands. The whole cadre is with you in this genuine and most awaited movement. All the best.