Monday, December 12, 2011

उम्मीद की एक किरण -Latest on Cadre Restructuring

It is learnt that Hon'ble Minister of State ( Personnel ) is not satisfied with the CR proposal of CBEC, but convinced with the proposal of CBDT. The CBDT proposal has been approved and the same will be placed before Group of Secretary. As regards to CBEC proposal, the Minister will call Secretary Revenue and Secretary DOPT to examine as to how the regional disparity can be removed and how the parity with examiner can be maintained. This points have been raised by Minister on the basis of representations submitted by RAVI.


Laxmi narayan Gupta on facebook said...

I personaaly verified the matter and ceme to know that the CR file of CBEC was plcaed before the Minister of State ( Personnel ) for approval without proposing the creation of Principal CC posts as suggested by CBEC . DOPT suggested that Members and Chaieman posts of CBEC should be ex cadre only. Minister was not satisfied with the CR proposal of CBEC, and marked in the file on 09.12.11 for discussion with Secretary DOPT along with Revenue Secrtetary on 10.12.11 ( Saturday) on two points(1) why cannot Principal CC posts be created ?and (2) why parity can not be maintatined in promotions in all grades?. Revenue secretary was not present on 10.12.11, hence Chairman CBEC representing Revenue Secretary met Minister DOPT along with Secretary DOPT. Chairmann CBEC had fully justified about creation of Principal CC posts on fuctional justification basis and stated that since the IRS organised cadre will be increased form 2300 to 4900, the highest HAG+ posts to be doubled and should be cadre posts. As regards parity he has stated that the said subject is not related to Cadre restructuring and the same can be addressed separately after approval of CR. The Minister was fully convinced with the Chirman and directed Secretary DOPT to put up the file again recomending cration of Principal CCposts. The Secretary marked the file to Joint Secretary DOPT and JS marked the file to DS to examine and put up again recommending creation of Principal CC posts . Now the file is still with DS who may take one month time to put up it again. It is learnt that Minister wanted discussion on the basis of representations submitted by RAVI. Therefore the CR is delayed.


On Fri, Dec 16, 2011 at 11:43 PM, Ravi Malik
Dear Srinathji,
good morning.

1. It has already been decided by the body to get the CR stayed as the last measure, if we don't get the desired results of it.

2. As far as the portion 'It is learnt that Minister wanted discussion on the basis of representations submitted by RAVI. Therefore the CR is delayed' of facebook message is concerned, it is really a very interesting thing. The sender gentleman is himself saying that the file has been sent to the DS in relation of the creation of the post of Principal CC and despite of that, he is alleging in the last that the matter is being delayed due to the correspondence of RAVI. My dear alleging friend, the intention of the Association was/is always to give the benefit of promotion upto the highest level to our maximum number of officers. But perhaps due to our lost hopes, we are now feeling satisfied of getting a few thousand of promotional posts and retire thousands of our officers as AC only. Remaining officers will not reach even the level of AC due to the distribution of the retirement vacancies between promotees and directs. It is, however, true and perhaps also natural that our officers expecting promotions as a result of this CR are very eager to get it immediately implemented enabling themselves to retire with the designation of AC. The administration may also use this as a device of 'divide & rule' against us.We all also wish that our senior colleagues should get immediate promotions as a good number of them are retiring every month without further promotion. Only due to this reason of retirement without promotion, the Association was successful to get in-situ promotion scheme initiated independent of CR to ascertain that none of its officers retires without further promotion. But with the change of administration the fate of the scheme was also changed. The same, however, is still being pursued. The only reason of not getting the desired things is, however, that we are unable to form the required united pressure by our much needed all united physical appearance on the due occasions. In the last one year or so, our hopes have been revived and now a few un-identified persons are trying to spoil the atmosphere due to their unknown vested interests. Such persons think that others are fool and they are the only learned ones.

3. Whatever correspondence is being made by the Association is based on the due delebrations in the meetings as well as the interaction with the units. Sometimes some discretion is also used in the interest of the cadre. The Association never made any communication which can be said to be detrimental to the interest of our cadre. No correspondence was also ever meant to delay the things. If the things are understood to be delayed in r/o CR at this juncture of time, it is merely due to the creation of the post of Principal CC and not due to any parity issue. It is, however, surprising that IRS officers can get every parity whether in previous CR or current one but it is not possible for us. If the promotional vacancies for them in CR may be created in a fashion that their parity with their counterparts can be ascertained, the same thing can also be done for us. Nothing is impossible, if they really want to do and also if we are not weak enough not to get it done by them. We keep blaiming each other and search for every opportunity for the same instead of being united and motivating each other.

4. I don't know what transpired in the meeting of last Saturday evening with DOPT Minister but it is true that the Chairman was called for the same. Presently, the matter is with the concerned Director of DOPT as no DS is dealing the same. Today, DOPT office (from SO to Director) was visited but the Director was not available. It was, however, informed on the specific query on delay that the matter would be resent very soon to the MOS because FM is very keen to get it cleared without further delay.



5. The Board office was also visited today. Regarding the promotions against existing vacancies, the concerned Director was pleased to tell that the UPSC would itself hold the DPC and CR dossiers would be required for the same. They are going to issue the letter to the field formations asking for the same. All the units are requested to pursue the matter with the local administration. It is really unfortunate that our officers are forced to retire without promotion.

6. The recent correspondence made with the administration is attached herewith.

From: Srinath Gopalan
To: Ravi Malik
Cc:; loknath mishra ;
Sent: Wednesday, 14 December 2011 11:21 AM


Mr.Malkit Singh, thanks for your honour direction...

Dear Ravi Malik,
Pl. see the below message posted in facebook in group'knowledge on service matters'

Pl. verify the facts on priority. If it is true then it is alarming and we may have to consider bringing STAY to CR.

Awaiting for your inputs,

GS Karnataka