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APPROVED TRANSFER POLICY Dated 09.09.2011 for Group ‘B’ Gazetted and Non-Gazetted Executive Officers working in Customs & Central Excise Jaipur Zone

TRANSFER POLICY Dated  09.09.2011
(For Group ‘B’ Gazetted and Non-Gazetted Executive Officers)


For the purpose of Annual General Transfer (AGT) the tenure of posting at a particular station in respect of Superintendent and Inspectors will be as follows: -

1.       Jaipur – 5 years.
2.      Combined tenure in Central Excise Divisional Hqrs and Customs at Ajmer, Alwar, Jodhpur, Udaipur and Kota –      4 years.
3.      Combined tenure in Central Excise Divisional Hqrs and Customs at Bhiwadi, Sikar, Bhilwara & Chittorgarh – 3 years
4.       All Central Excise Ranges/ Sectors situated outstation of the Divisional Hqrs – 2 years.
5.         Customs Divisions Bikaner & Sriganganagar – 2 years.
6.       All Customs Ranges, LCS Munabao, ICDs, Customs Divisions Barmer, Jaisalmer, Narcotics Cells at places other than Jodhpur & Jaipur-- One year (provided that the officer will be relieved only when he complete the prescribed tenure and does not remain on Earned leave for a period more than one month)

The tenure at Central Excise and Non Border Customs stations could be extended or reduced as per administrative convenience/ exigency or requirement of postings in Customs with explicit approval of the Prescribed Committee. Those considered for extension beyond the normal station tenure to be assigned non-sensitive charges only except where non-sensitive charges are non existent. If an officer on promotion continues at the same station, his tenure at that station for the post previously held shall also be taken into account for computing the total tenure at that station.

However, extension at the stations namely Jaisalmer, Barmer, Sriganganagar, Bikaner, Bhilwara, Sikar and Chittoregarh may be granted for another two years in case the officer specifically makes a representation for extension of station tenure and  no one else is eligible and willing to be posted at that station.


1.     The Cadre Control Authority shall first post the officers at Border** by following the sequence as under:

a.         Volunteers.

b.     Officers with nil exposure including fresh recruitments irrespective of completion of station tenure at a place. But in respect of promotee officers, their postings in previous grades shall be considered as valid exposure.

c.      Officers completing tenure at a Station in Central Excise and Non-Border Customs stations.

d.      The officers with less Border Postings (In ascending order) in their entire career irrespective of grade in which they served, shall be posted to Boarder on priority. In case of availability of officers of equal exposure of Border Posting, the one with longer exposure collectively in Central Excise & Customs non-border postings at a stretch shall be considered first for border posting.

** All postings in Customs Ranges except at Udaipur & Churu and Customs Divisions except Jodhpur.

2.       After completion of tenure at Customs Border Station, an officer shall be posted to Central Excise formation. The officers identified for Border postings in the cadre control order shall compulsorily be posted to border posting by the Customs. The substitute to the officers due from Customs border will be provided from the Central Excise and non-border Customs formations out of the officers on completion of their station tenure. Officers above the age of 56 years will not be posted to Border stations.

4.       The officers who are due from Customs will be allocated to Central Excise Commissionerate Jaipur-I and Jaipur-II on the basis of their previous postings in Excise.

5.       The options given by the officers will be considered, as far as possible. After issuance of the order by the cadre control authority the officer shall have the opportunity to give option within five working days to the respective commissionerate for consideration as per transfer policy

III      General:

1.     Annual General Transfers and transfers involving change of station will be done once in a year and be completed before the end of March but not later than 15th  April.
2.       For the purpose of deciding as to whether a particular officer has completed his station tenure or not at a station will be counted from AGT to AGT.
3.  After allocation of staff to the respective Central Excise/ Customs Commissionerates, further specific posting of staff within the Commissionerates/ Divisions will be made by the jurisdictional officers within 15 days of issue of AGT from cadre control in the light of Ministry DO No. C-50/30/2000-AdII dated 15.07.2002. The tenure at any post will not exceed two years at a stretch, except with explicit approval of the Prescribed Committee.
4.      Posting of officers within a Commissionerate will be done by the Commissioner In-charge of the Commissionerate. The respective jurisdictional Commissioners of Customs & Central Excise will also have authority to transfer an officer on administrative grounds. Prior approval of the Zonal Chief Commissioner should invariably be taken by the Commissioners, in cases of deviation from this policy or any other guidelines prescribed by the Zonal Chief Commissioner.
5.     In cases of transfers involving change of station without completion of tenure within the Commissionerates, explicit and reasoned approval of the Prescribed Committee will be required. If the officer is transferred pre-maturely from a station before completion of his tenure, he shall be considered for border posting in terms of sub para 1 (c) of para II of this policy at the time when he would have completed his tenure at the previous station. For sake of illustration, an officer is transferred to Jaipur from Central Excise Division, Bhiwadi after completion of two and half year on his request or any other reasons, his tenure of six months at Jaipur would be taken into account for completion of remaining tenure period of six months of Bhiwadi and accordingly he would be due for consideration of border posting in terms of Para 1(c).
6.      An officer who has remained posted at Central Excise Bhiwadi, Behror Range, ICD Concor at Jaipur, Kota,  Jodhpur, TDP/ICD Jodhpur, Air Cargo Complex Sanganer, Air Cargo JGE Jaipur would not be posted again at that particular formation for at least eight years in the same cadre and in any case he shall not be posted at these post for more than two tenures in the combined grade of Inspector & Superintendent. The said restriction would also be applicable to the postings in Anti-evasion sections in Hqrs. and Divisions except in case of those officers who have shown exceptional performance in the past or have specific aptitude for the said charge.  
7.       No officer would be allowed to continue for a period of more than two years in a sensitive posting in Central Excise except where sufficient non-sensitive charges are not available for optimal rotation. However, such officers will be rotated after completion of two years tenure of a sensitive charge. As far as possible an officer will be posted to a sensitive charge after completion of posting in a non-sensitive charge for two years but those with longest period of non-sensitive charges would be considered first while posting to sensitive charges. As far as possible an officer in the subsequent cycle of posting should not be posted in the same sensitive charge. (Normally, there should be a gap of minimum two year between one sensitive posting to another.)
8.       On reversion from deputation, as far as possible, the officer would be posted to a non sensitive charge for a minimum period of two years.
9.   The officers would not be transferred in mid-session except in case of administrative exigency only with prior approval of Chief Commissioner.
10.      The posting of officers posted in CC Office/Comm. (Appeals)-I and II will be considered in the Jaipur-I Commissionerate for the administrative and sanctioned strength purpose only and their tenure for the purpose of further posting will be counted separately i.e. neither in any of the Commissionerates nor towards the station tenure unless the concerned officer opts out. The combined tenure at Jaipur shall not exceed 8 years. However such relaxation shall not be available if the Officer is due for Border posting.


(a)      The local rotation of officers between Central Excise and Customs will be done on the basis of longest tenure in Central Excise subject to availability of vacancy in Customs.
(b)    Posting of officers in Central Excise, Jaipur-I & Jaipur-II shall be made on the basis of their exposure in respective Commissionerate and request if any. The officers will, as far as possible, be rotated between the Central Excise Jaipur-I and Jaipur-II after completion of continuous two years sensitive/non sensitive charge and having longest tenure in the respective Commissionerate subject to availability of equal vacancy for rotation in other Commissionerate. 

(c)    Normally the officers posted in Service Tax Ranges will be rotated only after completion of two year tenure. Further, there would be a gap of at least eight years between two postings in Service Tax Range. However, these officers coming out of Service Tax Ranges will be considered for sensitive charge after a gap of one year of non-sensitive charge. It would be subject to administrative requirement and availability of post. The tenure of the officers posted in the Service Tax cell in the Division at Jaipur shall not be counted towards the station tenure at the option of the officer. In such cases the combined tenure at Jaipur shall not exceed 7 years unless the officer is due for border posting.


          As per circular No. 1/2000 dated 10.05.2000 issued by the DG (Vig), New Delhi, sensitive charges are required to be identified with reference to Group ‘B’ officers. The following charges are considered as sensitive:

IN CENTRAL EXCISE (for two years )

1.   All Central Excise  and Service Tax Ranges
2.   Preventive/Anti Evasion Sections of Headquarters and Divisions
3.   Refund/Rebate Sections of the Divisions.
4.   Internal Current Audit Section        
5.   All deputations. 


1.           Preventive Section of Jaipur and Jodhpur
2.           ICDs
3.           ACC
4.           FPO
5.           Customs Range, Churu

After completing their tenure in a sensitive charge for a year, an officer will be required to be rotated to a non-sensitive charge. However the ICD’s which remained nonfunctional for whole year then tenure of such ICD’s will be treated as non-sensitive.

VI      Miscellaneous/Exception:

1.     Officers who are due for retirement on superannuation within two years would, as far as possible, be posted to the station where they want to settle down after retirement and if not possible, to the nearest station of such place in keeping with the extent of DOPT/Ministry’s norms. .
2.  Those seeking transfer/retention on spouse ground,  the DOP&T guidelines in this regard would be followed. However, their posting will be limited to the station tenure and after completion of station   tenure they will be shifted as per transfer policy.   
3.  In case an officer requests for retention in a particular station on the ground that his/her child is studying in Class-X or Class-XII, as far as possible, such request for retention will be considered subject to availability of the vacancy at the station with the prior approval of the Prescribed Committee.
4.  An officer posted in Anti-evasion branch of the headquarters or divisions may be retained there beyond two years period for maximum further 6 months with the approval of the Chief Commissioner for limited purpose of completing the ongoing investigation pending with him/her. Similarly any such officer may also be shifted out of the anti-evasion branch prematurely if his performance is not found satisfactory.
5.   Lady Officer on completion of station tenure would be posted, as far as possible, to the station or to the nearby station where their families are residing unless there are compelling reasons/circumstances for continuation. However in case of Lady Inspector the station tenure can be extended further only for three years. In such situations they will be retained at non sensitive charge.
6.     As regards, the transfer of office bearers of recognized Unions/Associations, the instructions contained in DOPT’s O.M. No. 27/03/69-Estt (D) dated 08.04.69 read in consonance with its O.M. No. 27 (7)88-CS-IV dated 19.08.1988 should be observed as far as possible.
7.  Any deviation from the policy so enunciated could be relaxed only with explicit and reasoned approval of the Prescribed Committee.
8.  Representations against the orders issued by the Cadre Controlling Authority and respective jurisdictional Commissioners should be made to the Prescribed Committee within ten days from the day the issue of the order and the same would be looked into by the Prescribed Committee within 15 working days.
9.   History of Posting will be available on line which would be final if the officer has not reacted to the anomalies noticed within the given time as notified from time to time.
10.  Officer will be rotated between sensitive and non sensitive charges as per policy and the same would be kept in view while posted to or reverted from Customs charge.
11. Any amendment in the policy if considered necessary at any time will be carried out after Consultation with the Associations.

VII     Prescribed Committee
The Prescribed Committee for the purpose of the transfer policy will consist of the officers as under:-
(i)       The Chief Commissioner,                  --       Chairman
          Central Excise, Jaipur Zone,
(ii)      The Commissioner,                           --       Member
          Central Excise, Jaipur-I
(iii)     The Commissioner,                           --       Member
          Central Excise, Jaipur-II
(iv)     The Commissioner,                           --       Member
          Customs Jodhpur,
          Hqrs. at Jaipur

Office of the Chief Commissioner,
Central Excise Jaipur Zone,Jaipur

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